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Dave Kinsey (born 1971, Pittsburgh, PA) is an American contemporary artist and designer who lives and works in Los Angeles and Three Rivers, California. He's known for his emotionally charged paintings and murals, as well as high-visibility logos and advertising campaigns, including the ubiquitous DC Shoes logo, The Black-Eyed Peas Elephunk album icon, N.E.R.D. "brain", Epitaph Records identity and, most recently, his work with the international Absolut Blank campaign. He was named one of the 100 most influential artists of the decade in 2012 by Complex magazine. In October, 2011, he joined the esteemed Kenwood Vineyards Artist Series as their 33rd annual artist. The series has included Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, and Alexander Calder among others. On the design side, Kinsey currently owns and runs the design studio and brand BLK/MRKT with partner Jana DesForges, known for its guerilla marketing strategies and the development of high-impact visual marketing campaigns. A founding member in 1997 with Shepard Fairey and Phillip DeWolff,[ he later became sole owner in 2003 and co-owner in 2004. BLK/MRKT Gallery (later Kinsey/DesForges ) was introduced in Los Angeles in 2001, moving in 2003 to the Culver City Art District. Kinsey also runs BLK/MRKT Editions which produces fine art prints and the lifestyle brand BLK/MRKT.

$250.00 each Patience
$155.00 each Kinsey Bluefin
$100.00 each Preservation
$100.00 each Perseverance
$60.00 each Shoreditch
$60.00 each Kensington
$60.00 each Waterloo
$500.00 each KG Olive
$240.00 each Breed
$240.00 each Filthy
$400.00 each Saboteur
$130.00 each Circa '98- Teal
$170.00 each Sea Lion Woman
$500.00 each Not A Gun
$60.00 each Perroquet
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