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Jason Levesque AKA Stuntkid, is a self taught artist living in Norfolk, VA who's works take inspiration from nature, beautiful women, irony and the paradox of life. Stuntkid's illustrations have been commissioned for use in magazines and periodicals worldwide, from PlayStation magazine to German latex fetish magazines.

$100.00 each New Skin
$125.00 each Miss Red Hood
$100.00 each Dismal
$100.00 each Slug Face
$125.00 each Unholy
$100.00 each Bad Apple
$100.00 each Biosphere
$100.00 each Dark Eyes
$100.00 each Terrarium
$100.00 each Roach
$100.00 each Brine
$100.00 each Dye Job
$100.00 each Katydid
$150.00 each Latrodectus
$100.00 each Hercules
$100.00 each Cassandra
$100.00 each 54th Dawn
$100.00 each Meat
$125.00 each Carrion Crow
$100.00 each Bleeder
$125.00 each Feral
$100.00 each Undead Uprising
$90.00 each Coyote
$80.00 each Mary
$150.00 each The Glutton
$200.00 each Spit
$200.00 each Little Mermaid
$100.00 each Jessine
$100.00 each Angel of Death
$100.00 each Amanita
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