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Joe King and his studio brand ROOK hangs of the art fringes and outsider taboos for grit, tattoos, the gruesome and dark. All things considered; His art is still impressive, fun and interesting using his own unique style molded on the streets and the college of hard knocks.

$60.00 each Kurt Skull
$60.00 each Voodoo Child
$60.00 each Britney Bomb
$50.00 each Krueger
$100.00 each Veil
$80.00 each Chief Skull
$70.00 each Purple Haze
$80.00 each Alice
$80.00 each Baby Skull
$70.00 each Shark Bite
$80.00 each Pharaoh Skull
$80.00 each Mayra Skull
$80.00 each Dork
$70.00 each Octo Girl
$75.00 each Deadly Angel
$80.00 each Pharaoh
$55.00 each Jake Head
$400.00 each Vincent Price
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