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Richard Pellegrino Artwork

Richard Pellegrino Artwork For SaleRichard Pellegrino creates stylized and surreal art from a wide range of tiopics like cult classic movies, music, television and memorable world events. Currently living in Boston, MA.

$90.00 each The Dude
$150.00 each Sobchak
$80.00 each Shell Shocked
$230.00 each Wonka
$100.00 each Ophelia
$28.00 each Wolverine
$28.00 each Batman
$28.00 each Spiderman
$150.00 each Female Study 3
$300.00 each Tusken Raider
$250.00 each Wheeljack
$300.00 each Optimus Prime
$200.00 each Soundwave
$150.00 each Raphael Drawing
$150.00 each Batman Drawing
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