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Presidential Chair

Buy Presidential Chair by Steve Kaufman Sculpture

Buy Presidential Chair by Steve Kaufman original sculpture by a mater pop art sculptor with COA.

  • Signed
  • Original One of a Kind
  • Size: 11h x6 deep x 7w
  • Art Canvas over Wooden Frame
  • Opens into a Box
  • Oil Paint
  • Circa 1990-2010
  • Includes a COA from Sprayed Paint Gallery

This is the one of the nicest and most intriguing artworks Steve Kaufman has ever created, with its vivid detail with bright and contrasting colors that is the highlight to this sculpture.  This piece is not from a numbered edition as it was uniquely painted on canvas and then wrapped around the sculpture.  This piece looks absolutely spectacular once viewed in person as the detailed rendition from the Presidential Library comes to life. Original one of a kind art sculpture artwork.

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