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Buy Victo Ngai limited edition prints, original artwork, out of print works and art. Victo Ngai is a NY based artist from Hong Kong who draws from her experience to create wonderful complex prints and original art in a traditional yet urban manor with a strong Asian influence. In 2014, she is one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 (Art & Culture). She also has been awarded 2 GOLD medals from the Society of Illustrator NY, 1 GOLD medal from the 3x3, 1 GOLD medal in Best use of Illustration, Folio 2012 Ozzie Awards, 2 SILVER medals and a Judge's Pick Award from the Greater China Illustration Award.

$150.00 each Braindrain
$150.00 each After Dark
$150.00 each Utopia
$150.00 each Casserole
$150.00 each The Red Highway
$150.00 each Breatharian
$150.00 each Money Horse
$150.00 each Wing Chun
$150.00 each Boy on Bear
$150.00 each The Hot Race
$200.00 each Sweet Dreams
$150.00 each Mayfly
$150.00 each Grooming Day
$150.00 each Love Bird
$150.00 each The Day
$150.00 each Melon Heroes
$250.00 each Emerge
$150.00 each The Windbeast
$150.00 each The Snow God
$160.00 each Transferring
$150.00 each King Kong
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