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Graffiti & Street Art Artists- Sprayed Paint Collection

The 1960s are the decade of birth of modern graffiti. The US is undoubtedly the general region, in which the first graffitis arose. According to some sources, it was Philadelphia where it all started; however, others pinpoint New York and its Black and Latino neighborhoods, where hip-hop music was flourishing at the time. It is also important to notice that it was during that period that the aerosol spray can was invented providing the first street artists with a convenient and relatively cheap medium. In the early history of graffiti, the term “artist” was not commonly used to describe the people, who were involved in this street subculture. On the contrary, they were mostly referred to as “writers” or “taggers”. At this point, the essence of graffiti was to create simple tags or signatures and try to copy them in as many locations as possible, so that everybody could see them. Some of the most famous taggers of that time are Julio 204 and Taki 183 originating in New York and Corn Bread from Philadelphia, all of whom are claiming the “first tag”, even though it is difficult to pinpoint it with certainty.