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Graffiti Prints, Original Street Artworks, Urban Sculpture & Pop Art

Graffiti Prints, Original Street Artworks, Urban Sculpture & Pop Art Today graffiti is going through a process of extreme institutionalization and commercialization and the previously used “writer” tends to be replaced by the term “street artist”.  No matter these differences, though, one of the elements that have remained intact since the 1960s is the motivation of the artists to reach as many people as possible, whether this is realized on the streets or through museum exhibitions. From this aspect, street art is thriving more vigorously than ever and it has gained the respect of the public and critics, who no longer treat it as outsider art. At the same time, the artist themselves have gained recognition and their art is worth of millions of dollars. In other words, whether one focuses on the commercialization of street art as proof of degeneration and decay or as a revolutionary form of art that is still progressing and spreading social emancipation and activism is up for debate. Whatever opinion one has, in the end, graffiti is a vivid part of our culture and it continues to be present not only in the art we consume, but also in the advertisements we see, the clothes we wear and, still, the streets we walk.