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25 Disegni> Limited Art Book by Artist Arrington De Dionyso x Davide Toffolo

Artist: Other Artists
Categories: Books , Artwork
Dimensions: 7.00in x 9.50in
Topics: Woman , Love , Sex , Romance , Nude , Lesbian , LGBTQ , Gay , Novel

Price: $15.00

Purchase 25 Disegni Limited Edition art book with graffiti street artist modern pop artworks by Arrington De Dionyso x Davide Toffolo.

Book of art nudes and sex artwork. Paperback, Zooo  / Modo Infoshop,  Bologna 2011, Made In Italy

A collection of illustrations by Davide Toffolo of the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Arrington De Dionyso of the Old Time Relijun has been released. The result of the meeting of the two cartoonists and musicians is a volume of 50 illustrations that have sex as their theme. The book, "25 drawings", is to be browsed first in one direction and then in the other, until you get to the central page, where the images of the two illustrators merge. The book is a self-production curated by Modo Infoshop Interno 4 of Bologna and Zooo, and can be purchased on the shop of La Tempesta Dischi.
Color Red
Color Black
Color White
Edition Limited
Location Box-1
Media Paper
Medium Book
Signed Printed
Year 2011
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