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The Blob Bat> Fine Art Baseball Bat Sculpture by Efdot

Artist: Efdot
Dimensions: 3.00in x 33.00in

Price: $850.00

Purchase The Blob Bat Limited Edition Maple Dinger Baseball Bat Sculpture Artwork by Modern Fine Graffiti Street Artist Efdot.

Efdot's Blob Bat features his signature abstract-meets-figurative Blob pattern, wrapping around the glossy black barrel of the wooden bat. Efdot logo and Ef. monogram are included on the surface above the grip of the bat.  The first blob bat was originally featured on Efdot's Topps Project 2020 Mike Trout card. Only 10 black/gold Blob Bats will be made in this special edition for MLB Opening Day 2021. Bat Details:  Size: 33' in length with a large barrel with a medium handle Material: D-318 Maple  In collaboration with Dinger Bats  "Baseball is not included in purchase Fulfilled by Efdot Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Color Gold
Color Black
Color Yellow
Edition 10
Location INC
Media Ink
Medium Wood
Medium Maple
Signed Printed
Year 2020
Bballer on 12-13-2021 06:42 AM
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