Mope Bhytpn- The Kid Card> GAS Trading Card Art by SSUR- Ruslan Karablin

Categories: Sports Card Art
Dimensions: 2.75in x 4.00in

Price: $125.00

Purchase Mope Bhytpn- The Kid Card Print on GAS Trading Card by SSUR- Ruslan Karablin.

2022 Printed Art For Ukraine War Protest. Limited Edition SSURO Images have had global presence since the early 90's. His memorable and poignant messages with echoing visual potency have been seen in his art and street brand(s) for nearly three decades.  SSUR has created graphics for a few of the world's favorite brands.  G.A.S. Cards inspired by the roots and history of his origin, Odessa, Ukraine.

Color Gold
Color Tan
Color Brown
Edition Limited
Frame Card Holder
Location LC-17
Media Ink
Medium Sports Card
Signed Printed
Year 2022
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