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UNO Artiste Shepard Fairey Cards> Designer Art Object by Mattel Creations

Dimensions: 6.00in x 6.00in
Topics: Game , Uno , Card , Card Game , Obey , Face

Price: $75.00

Purchase UNO Artiste Shepard Fairey Cards Limited Edition Designer Art Object Collectible Artwork by Artist Mattel Creations

2021 Unopened Celebrate the iconic art of Shepard Fairey with the Mattel Creations UNO Artiste Shepard Fairey Cards. The deck features the classic stack of UNO cards all designed with popular motifs from Shepard Fairey. The deck features a custom case and two decks of cards.

Color Red
Color Black
Edition Limited
Location LC-17
Media Ink
Medium Uno Cards
Signed Printed
Year 2021
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