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Air Bair- Black Cement IV> Limited Run Vinyl Art Toy by Rufnek 21

Artist: Rufnek 21
Categories: Art Toys , All Artwork
Dimensions: 8.00in x 12.00in

Price: $325.00

Purchase Air Bair- Black Cement IV Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Rufnek 21.

AIR BAIR by RUFNEK:21     Produced by Super Souljah Studios     Black Cement [Jordan IV] Colorway     Edition of 367     Size: 8" Tall x 9.5" Wide     From: Peoria, AZ

AIR BAIR by RUFNEK:21 (BLACK CEMENT IV COLORWAY)  c/o SUPER SOULJAH STUDIOS  8” x 12” x 10” Limited Edition Designer Vinyl Art    (SHOEBOX Style) DELUXE PACKAGING WITH MAGNETIC WINDOW FLAP (BLISTER PACKED)   Introducing the first original Character from the “Heart of a SOULJAH” story   AIR BAIR is the sidekick of RUFNEK:21   Although Extremely cute and loveable, AIR BAIR has plenty of styles inspired by the greats before him.   There are a few items in AIR BAIRS daily uniform that you will hardly catch him roaming the streets without.   Always sporting his favorite black hoodie with a BOLD number “23” to let you know who he considers the greatest player to ever play the game.   A “PHAT” Gold Rope chain and oversized Black framed glasses displaying his love of the Golden Era of HIP HOP culture.   AIR BAIR has too much “SOLE” to have bare feet.   BLACK Cement IVs to make the outfit complete.   Last but not least you will NEVER see AIR BAIR without his Signature Smile.


Color Gray
Color Black
Edition 367
Location INC
Media Vinyl
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Signed Yes
Topic Basketball
Topic Shoe
Topic Bear
Topic Sport
Year 2021
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