DesignerCon Artist Series 2> Rare Limited BE@RBRICK Art Toy

Artwork: Other Artists
Size: 1.00in x 2.75in

Price: $225.00

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DesignerCon has curated a new Artist Be@rbrick 100% series set for 2020 featuring five artists, each new to Medicom Toy’s iconic platform figure. The DesignerCon Artist Series 2 Be@rbrick Set features five 100% Be@rbricks, one each by Alex Pardee, Jermaine Rogers, Louis De Guzman, Greg Mike, and Valfre. The new designs feature each artist’s signature characters or design motifs, adapted for the bear-shaped figure. De Guzman’s design features wrap-style deco, meaning no two pieces will look exactly the same.

Color Rainbow
Color Red
Color Blue
Edition Limited
Media Vinyl
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Topic Animal
Topic Bear
Topic Monster
Topic Abstraction
Year 2020