First Model- White Chrome 400%> 20th Anniversary [email protected] Fine Art Toy

Artwork: Other Artists
Size: 5.00in x 11.00in
Trends: Anniversary , MediCom , Animal , Bear , Symbol ,

Price: $325.00

Purchase First Model- White Chrome 400% 20th Anniversary [email protected] Limited Edition Medicom Vinyl Artwork Toy Collectable Art Figure.

In celebration 20 years of Bearbrick, Medicom Toy has recreated their very first ever Bearbrick release into a collectible 400% Bearbrick. This time, the First Model Bearbrick has a white chrome finish.   This 400% Bearbrick stands at 28cm / 11 inches tall.

Color White
Edition Limited
Location UK
Media Vinyl
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Signed Printed
Topic Animal
Topic Bear
Topic Anniversary
Year 2021