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BunnyKitty- Teal> Limited Run Vinyl Art Toy by Dave Persue

Artist: Dave Persue
Categories: Art Toys
Dimensions: 7.00in x 5.00in

Price: $240.00

Purchase BunnyKitty- Teal Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by Modern Pop Culture Artist Dave Persue.

2018 Bunny Kitty Teal Colorway Variant Edition of 200 Bunny Kitty by Dave Persue Manufactured by 3D Retro Vinyl Figure w/ Spray Can & Birdie Friend Twurp Accessories Included Color: Lavender Size: 5" Tall x 7" Long

A long-time and renowned street artist, Dave Persue brought his popular Bunnykitty character to life in 3D form with 3DRetro in a limited edition vinyl figure with multiple color variations. The figure is the first vinyl for the artist but the character is known all over the world thanks to the artist’s shows, murals, and children’s books about the character. The figure is 7 inches going across, packaged in a window box and less than 200 of each color were made.

Color Teal
Edition 200
Location WH-1
Location WH-1
Media Ink
Medium Vinyl
Signed Printed
Year 2018
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