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Take Me To Your Dealer- Alien OG Nuggbot Canbot> Limited Vinyl Art Toy by Czee13 x Nugg Life NY

Artist: Czee13
Categories: CanBots , Art Toys
Dimensions: 5.50in x 3.00in

Price: $440.00

Purchase Take Me To Your Dealer- Alien OG Nuggbot Canbot Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by Street Graffiti Artist Czee13 x Nugg Life NY.

2022 Limited to 150 Take Me To Your Dealer! Nuggbot, is the newest member of the CANZ family, a literal pothead, sprouting some herbal majesty straight from the cranium. With a brand new head sculpt, this trippy Canbot collaboration with Czee13 will leave you in a proverbial purple haze.  5oz Size (5.5″ tall) and limited to only 150 pieces. Complete with trademark rattle, and GID Buds!

Color Yellow
Color Blue
Edition 150
Location INC
Media Ink
Medium Vinyl
Signed Printed
Year 2022
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