Greaper- Black Death> Limited Run Vinyl Art Toy by Sket-One

Artist: Sket-One
Categories: Art Toys , Artwork
Dimensions: 4.00in x 8.00in

Price: $350.00

Purchase Greaper- Black Death Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti Sket-One.

Edition of 500. Greaper, is the reaper and collector of spent spray can souls and now it has come time to collect on a freshly designed mural debt. Black Death Greaper comes murdered out in all at black on the entire body and paint roller sta accompanied with a shining gold crown only good enough for a Graffiti King.  Figure stands at 7.5” Tall with Paint Can Style Packaging. Removable Paint Staff, and adjustable hands with a removable Gold crown.

Color Black
Color Gold
Edition 500
Location ARTRW Box-Air3
Media Vinyl
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Signed Stamped
Year 2021
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