Handle With CareAJ1c> Limited Run Resin Art Toy by Mr Flower Fantastic

Categories: Art Toys , Artwork
Dimensions: 5.75in x 3.50in

Price: $425.00

Purchase Handle With CareAJ1c Limited Edition Resin Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Mr Flower Fantastic.

Handle With CareAJ1c  is a decorative planter specially designed to grow flowering plants and succulents. Each planter is made of cast translucent resin, allowing light to pass through. Handle With Care AJ1c includes custom protective housing with die-cut foam, trilingual planting instructions in English, French, and Japanese, and a certificate of authenticity, hand-signed by Mr. Flower Fantastic. * Plant Not Included

Color White
Edition 499
Media Resin
Medium Resin
Year 2020
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