Inked Stories: Eve> Limited Art Toy by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Artist: Jon-Paul Kaiser
Categories: Art Toys
Dimensions: 6.00in x 8.00in

Price: $500.00

Purchase Inked Stories: Eve Limited Edition Polystone Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Jon-Paul Kaiser.

The Fall of Man gets a figurative retelling in this collaborative piece by JPK and Mighty Jaxx. Taking a two-prong approach in the reimagining, Mighty Jaxx designed and sculpted the Eve figure with the forbidden fruit in hand. JPK works his magic, referencing her story through a series of full-body tattoos; the birth of man, the breath of life, the sculpting from the rib, the temptation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Decorated in a traditional tattoo style including apple blossom flowers, fig-trees, and maple leaves, relevant to the various stories from Eden.

Color Gray
Color Black
Color White
Edition Limited
Location BSS1
Media Polystone
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Signed Stamped
Year 2021
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