Nopalito SuperJanky- Prickle Me Pink> Janky SuperPlastic Art Toy x El Grand Chamaco (EGC)

Dimensions: 5.00in x 8.00in
Topics: SuperJanky , Cat , Animal , Cactus , Flower , Nature , Plant

Price: $350.00

Purchase Nopalito SuperJanky- Prickle Me Pink Janky SuperPlastic x El Grand Chamaco (EGC) Limited Edition Vinyl Artwork Street Art Toy Collectable Figure

A special sexy pink companion to Mexican artist El Grand Chamaco’s original green Nopalito SuperJanky, Prickle Me Pink has more spikes than your shaman’s ayahuasca. Featuring ultra-rare kicks and Nopalito's faithful flower friend Tiny Tuna.

Color Blue
Color Black
Edition 666
Location BSMT + DNGRMC3
Media Plastic
Medium Vinyl
Medium Plastic
Signed Printed
Year 2020
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