Lemonade Mini Nug> Handmade Painted Art Toy by Nugg Life NY

Artist: Nugg Life NY
Categories: Art Toys
Dimensions: 1.00in x 3.00in

Price: $150.00

Purchase Lemonade Mini Nug Limited Run Handmade & Painted Art Toy Collectible Artwork by pop artists Nugg Life NY.

 “LEMONADE”  mini nug  Lemonade strain is perfect for the adventurer. From running up mountains to paddling across oceans your day will feel like it never ends when blazing this action pack strain. Or you can just sit back and treat it like a glass of sweet lemonade while staring off into the blue sky thinking about endless possibilities.  Each Mini Nug stands between 2.5-3 inches tall and is handmade from scratch.  The bases are sculpted and reproduced in resin.   Come’s in the classic NYC delivery service container.  Limited run of 10 signed and numbered.

Color Green
Color Yellow
Edition 10
Location T7
Location Box B5
Media Mixed Media
Media Paint
Medium Mixed Media
Signed Yes
Year 2021
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