Mr Twisty> Limited Run Vinyl Art Toy by Jason Freeny

Artist: Jason Freeny
Categories: Art Toys
Dimensions: 9.00in x 9.00in

Price: $550.00

Purchase Mr Twisty Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Jason Freeny.

2021 9” Vinyl Art Toy Limited Edition of 300

Jason Freeny returns with a new original design, Mr. Twisty! Originally hand-sculpted by the artist using epoxy clay, this fun piece is reminiscent of the kiddie rides that filled many of our childhoods. Referencing life-size kiddie rides, Mr. Twisty has every detail accounted for; from coin box to saddle, seams, and fasteners, it’s all here!  Now made into a limited edition collectible, go on endless imaginative rides with Mr. Twisty!

Color Pink
Color Teal
Edition 300
Location INC
Media Vinyl
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Signed Stamped
Year 2021
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