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Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket Disney Companion> 2010 Authentic Vinyl Art Sculpture Figure Toy by Kaws- Brian Donnelly x OriginalFake

Categories: Art Toys , Sculpture
Dimensions: 5.00in x 10.25in

Price: $13,000.00

Purchase Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket Disney Companion Ultra Rare Authentic 2010 Limited Edition Painted Vinyl Art Toy Figure Sculpture Collectible Artwork by Artist Kaws- Brian Donnelly x OriginalFake.

2010 Limited Edition of 500 Chhum Companion Painted Vinyl Size  10.25 X 5 X 4.5 IN Printed On Foot

Appears New/Like New In Opened Box, Extremely Fine Example, Box in Like New Condition. Stamp Perfect. Pictures Of Actual Example. 

Authenticated With Seals and Unique Tracking Serial Number Included. Notice The Fine Details, Those Don't Exist In The Fakes. Also Has Official Hologram Seal Affixed To Box, Which The Fakes Don't Ever Have. Interior Plastic Packaging Colored Consistent With Age.

Original Verified Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket Companion  2010 Disney x Kaws x OriginalFake Legendary Cartoon Character.

KAWS' artistic concerns were not limited to illustrating. The young artist became interested in urban art and the images that he could show in this field. He then began dabbling in graffiti in New Jersey. This facet of his work gradually matured until he arrived in New York in the 1990s. KAWS began to modify advertising images at bus stops and telephone booths. That is when his signature, KAWS, begins to appear in different corners of the city.

Color Red
Color Yellow
Edition 500
Media Paint
Medium Vinyl
Signed Printed
Year 2010
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