The Beauty of Rebellion> Limited Run Polystone Art Toy by Abell Octovan

Artwork: Abell Octovan
Size: 6.00in x 12.00in

Price: $575.00

Purchase The Beauty of Rebellion Limited Edition Polystone Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Abell Octovan.

Set to challenge the notion of beauty in today’s society, the ballerina is all geared up with a vest and mask, holding a smoke grenade, and twirling and dancing in the midst of a rebellion. Drawing inspiration from classic Greek sculptures, The Beauty of Rebellion features a smooth marble-like effect. Highlighted with a red accent is the spray can, a representation of the desire to break free from the beauty conventions we all know.

Color White
Color Gray
Edition Timed Release
Media Polystone
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Topic Dancing
Topic Woman
Topic Protest
Topic Riot
Year 2021