The Invisible Sculpture> Limited Run Vinyl Art Toy by Andy Warhol x Kidrobot

Artist: Andy Warhol
Categories: Art Toys , Artwork , Sculpture
Topics: Andy Warhol

Price: $325.00

Purchase The Invisible Sculpture Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Warhol x Kidrobot.

In 1985 Andy Warhol created The Invisible Sculpture via performance art at the famed, New York downtown nightclub Area. The concept of his Invisible Sculpture was to show that the absence of something could be art. To activate the work Warhol briefly stood on a pedestal in the nightclub. Warhol then stepped off the plinth and walked away leaving only the pedestal and a small wall label reading Andy Warhol, USA, Invisible Sculpture, Mixed Media, 1985.  Now, Kidrobot is recreating The Invisible Sculpture as a diorama with a clean presentation.  The inspired box closes securely and includes a handle, and the minimal styling matches the powerful aesthetic of the original Invisible Sculpture. Perfect for every Andy Warhol enthusiast.

Color White
Edition Unknown
Media Wood
Media Plastic
Media Mixed-Media
Medium Plastic
Year 2017
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