Visible Labbit Plush Guts- IamRetro> Limited Run Vinyl Art Toy by Frank Kozik

Artist: Frank Kozik
Categories: Art Toys , Artwork
Dimensions: 8.00in x 7.00in

Price: $175.00

Purchase Visible Labbit Plush Guts- IamRetro Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Collectible Artwork by street graffiti artist Frank Kozik.

IamRetro Visible Labbit 7" Figure by Frank Kozik x Kidrobot - IamRetro Exclusive  Edition of 400 pieces worldwide!   Kidrobot takes you inside Frank Kozik's Smorkin Labbit to show you what Labbit's are really made of... a whole lot of plush! Presenting The Visible Labbit featuring visible plush guts and bones inside a transparent outer shell. This limited edition 7" statement piece is the next smoking hot, must-have Labbit art toy.

Color Red
Edition 400
Location MPRMC2
Media Vinyl
Media Plastic
Medium Plastic
Signed Stamped
Year 2021
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