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Nowadays, graffiti art has found its way into the world of more traditional disciplines too, such as painting. In this case, it is not uncommon that the artwork is based on the same techniques and resources as traditional graffiti. As a result, the use of typical spray paint can be used in creating graffiti paintings as well. Nonetheless, it is, also, possible that artists use other kinds of resources, more usually found inside art studios, such as pens, watercolors, oil paint, which are not conventionally utilized for the creation of works on the streets. Simultaneously, graffiti in the form of paintings digital or handmade allows the artists to take their time and focus on the creative process, especially taking into consideration the legal consequences of creating on public sites. Thus, frequently both the preparatory process and the potential exhibition of the painting works can be made indoors, making apparent how much graffiti has evolved over the decades. Finally, graffiti in the form of paintings seems to last longer in comparison with art on the streets, where local authorities tend to clean or cover up numerous pieces due to their illegal status. On the other hand, exactly due to their creation behind closed doors, such pieces tend to win less visibility, since they are not exposed to the public on an everyday basis. Graffiti emerged in the US during the late 1960s and, naturally, since then till our days, almost 50 years later, this art has gone through a lot of stages of reformation. Aspects of the creative process such as the materials in use and the techniques have evolved tremendously, as well as the perception of graffiti as a respectable form of art.  On top of that, the former “writers” or “taggers” are now referred to as artists, a development that arose with the evergrowing institutionalization and commercialization of graffiti. Needless to say, graffiti has never ceased to exist in public sight and, with time, authorities all over the world have come to accept to a certain extent the presence of it inside the city web. As a result, the legal status of “writing” has enabled artists to experiment more freely with new materials and techniques, a development that has emerged especially during the past decade.