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Consistency- 5> Original Painting by Cope2

Categories: Paintings , Mixed Media , Artwork
Dimensions: 18.00in x 14.00in

Price: $3,000.00

Purchase Consistency- 5 Original Painting Spray Paint, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel by Cope2 graffiti street artist modern pop art.

 In recent years Cope2 has been commissioned by Time Magazine, Converse, Adidas among others. His work has even crossed into the virtual realm with appearances in video games such as Mark Eckos: Getting up and Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto IV.

During the mid-1990s Cope2 started slowly transitioning from the streets to the art scene of the galleries. At that time, street art was not as popular as it is in our days and the general public’s idea of it was still inextricably connected to ghettos, drug dealing, etc. The artist has never hidden his troubling past and avoids idealizing it, as a way to enhance his career and artistic persona. On the contrary, he mentions the following: “Oh man, there’s nothing to be proud of in hustling, but I had my first child at the age of 16, my son. So I had to make money to support him and his mother.

Color Rainbow
Color Gold
Color Red
Frame Custom Frame
Media Acrylic
Media Spray Paint
Media Mixed-Media
Medium Wood
Original Art Original Painting
Year 2015
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