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Graffiti Drawings, Ink, Marker, Pencil Artwork

Even though it is the streets where Graffiti gradually emerged back in the 70s, nowadays artists are encouraged to explore a wider range of media and means. This does not mean that street artists are progressively abandoning the roots of graffiti, but on the contrary, this change enables them to enhance and explore their creativity. At the same time, it is common that many artists chose to, at first, try out their initial ideas inside studios –sometimes before transferring them outdoors- instead of the streets as a way of having greater control of the final result, given the still not completely illegal status of graffiti as a public art form. Drawing, on the other hand, has evolved independently as well, as a significant part of today’s artistic production is in this form. Among the benefits are the better control of the artistic process, the use of a wider range of available materials and, lastly, the convenience regarding the production of multiple prints. In any case, graffiti drawings, no matter their conversion into public pieces in the streets, play a major role in contemporary street art and culture, as they are consistently following typical graffiti aesthetics, themes and, sometimes, even lettering styles