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Goldeneye> Original Painting by Jordan Mendenhall

Categories: Paintings , Artwork
Dimensions: 23.00in x 9.00in
Topics: Owl , Bird , Animal , Nature , Eye

Price: $1,500.00

Purchase Goldeneye Original Painting Acrylic on Canvas Mounted on Panel by Jordan Mendenhall graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Custom Gold Frame

"I’ve always loved Zelda games and other video game classics. Even watching people play video games was magical to me when I was growing up. My older brothers did most of the playing because I was no good, but the games were magical. You could live, adventure, race, fight and make friends in these alternate worlds. I guess that’s why I love video games and art so much till this day. You get to create worlds and live in them and escape from reality. Real-life is stressful and sometimes is too much. I love to escape through my art and video games." - Jordan Mendenhall

Color Black
Color Purple
Frame Custom Frame
Location GRTRM
Media Acrylic
Medium Canvas Mounted on Panel
Original Art Original Painting
Signed Yes
Year 2014
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