Homer> Original Painting by Jon Burgerman

Artist: Jon Burgerman
Dimensions: 22.50in x 29.50in
Topics: Homer , Simpsons , TV

Price: $2,000.00

Purchase Homer Original Painting Pasca and Ink on Watercolor Paper by Jon Burgerman graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"Jon Burgerman makes vibrant, neo-primitive scrawls of shapes and color. He's pushed his monster-like characters into compositions where cartoon-like forms are crammed on top of each until they create a screaming mass of energy.  Intensely prolific, he has pushed the character obsession of the late 90s into a far more interesting and strong direction. Think Walt Disney at an Incan monument on mescaline." - Francesca Gavin, Visual Arts Editor Dazed & Confused and author of Street Renegades and 100 New Artists published by Laurence King.

Color Yellow
Frame Not Framed
Media Pasca
Media Ink
Medium Watercolor Paper
Original Art Original Painting
Topic Homer
Topic Simpsons
Topic TV
Topic Movie
Year 2014
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