20TwentyMinutes #10> Original HPM on Wood by HoxxoH

Dimensions: 12.00in x 12.00in

Price: $900.00

Purchase 20TwentyMinutes #10 Original Hand-Painted Acrylic on Laser Cut Birch Wood ready to hang by HoxxoH graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"'Time waits for no man' has long been the catalyst that has propelled man to make use of his conscious existence. Time is an observable quantity created by man to keep track of the motions of our mysterious Universe. Yet now, perhaps more than ever does man seek to use time to alleviate the pressures of an unexplainable existence through applications that measure and calculate the value of our time.Posts and likes on social networks, the stock market’s peaks and falls, little monitors in our hands, monitoring us, always counting, ticking up and down, drowning us in sensory overload. Making us believe that time can be tracked and controlled in a convenient algorithm. Disguising time in programs meant to objectify and symbolize our presence as a glorified status amongst the cosmos." by Andrew Leshin

Color Custom Frame
Color Geometric
Color Tan
Color Blue
Frame Ready To Hang
Media Acrylic
Medium 2-Color Silkscreen
Medium Birch Wood
Original Art Wood
Year Abstraction
Year 2015
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