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Curser> Limited HPM Wood Cradled by Denial

Price: $540.00

Purchase Curser Original Hand-Painted Multiple (HPM) Aerosol with Clear Coat Finish on Laser Cut Wood ready to hang by Denial graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Signed & Numbered 2019 Aerosol with Clear Coat Finish on Laser Cut Wood Size: 5.5 x 7 x 1 Inches Release: August 14, 2019 Run of: 100 

Denial is aware of his choices and motivations: “I like to think of myself as activist pop art. How I relate with cartoons and graphics is a lot easier than I do with photo-realistic stuff. I love referencing things that people are so familiar with. With humor and nostalgia, you can open up communication. I’ve done that for years, used elements of humor and familiarity to open a dialogue because then you can slide in some real issues and different things you’re trying to convey in your work. You have a lot more open stream to the person’s consciousness and experience towards how they’re taking your art. If you can get them to laugh at it, remember something or relate to some image.

Color White
Color Black
Edition 100 HPM
Frame Wood Cradled
Location LVNGRM COA Box-B5
Media Spray Paint
Media Stencil
Media Spray Paint
Medium Wood
Signed Yes
Year 2019
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