Face Invader- Buttons> Original HPM Wood Cradled by Bask

Artist: Bask
Dimensions: 12.00in x 12.00in
Topics: Face , Spray Paint , Ninja

Price: $650.00

Purchase Face Invader- Buttons Original Hand-Painted Multiple (HPM) on Wood Cradled Panel ready to hang by Bask graffiti street artist modern pop art.

 “I wanted to do something special for the run that was going to coincide with the show. So the idea came to mind to not just offer a hand embellished print, but actually make a series of pieces in sets that were all hand-painted. No stencils or silkscreens, I wanted to offer actually painted pieces that are affordable to anyone who wants one. But as excited as I was about this idea, I then had to figure out how to make this happen within a reasonable time frame. Not to mention, coming up with 10 images that I would be able to duplicate almost identically 20 times over. Then the idea of bringing back some of the faces that have appeared in past works. Characters that Detroit inspired me to create.  I have to add that this has been one of the most labor-intensive projects I've taken on. There are over 500 hours in these between myself and my assistant. Each panel was painstaking worked over.” - BASK

Color Teal
Color Black
Edition 20
Frame Wood Cradled
Media Spray Paint
Media Mixed-Media
Media Acrylic
Medium Wood
Original Art HPM
Year 2015
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