Psychedelic Fusion- 03> Original Laser Cut Wood by Tavar Zawacki (Above)

Dimensions: 16.00in x 16.00in

Price: $1,275.00

Purchase Psychedelic Fusion- 03 Original Hand-Painted Multiple Spray Paint, Ink Mixed Media on Laser Cut Wood Panel ready to hang by Tavar Zawacki (Above) graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"The Psychedelic series were made in conjunction with my recent solo exhibition Remix. All of the Psychedelic series was designed with an emphasis on a sharp visual contrast. It's similar to 'Op-art' (Optical Art) which makes your eyes trip out. It's an effect that alters your perception as if you were on Psychedelic drugs. Some of the Psychedelic designs I made were featured in Remix, and some of them I created specifically for this series. This particular 'Sunset Strip' design I made with more complexity for my solo exhibition Remix. The Remix exhibition was about interchanging and swapping different cut patterns of the same design, in different colors to achieve the final piece. The Psychedelic series achieves a similar effect but in a more basic style of blocking out colors and allowing the negative space to reveal itself." - Above

Color Yellow
Color Black
Color Green
Edition 1
Frame Cradled Wood
Location MSTRW
Media Spray Paint
Media Ink
Medium Laser Cut Wood Panel
Medium Wood
Original Art HPM
Signed Yes
Year 2015
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