Enjoy Original >Mixed Media Painting by Denial

Artist: Denial
Dimensions: 43.00in x 48.00in
Topics: Woman , Coca Cola , Advertising , Sex , Soda

Price: $9,000.00

Purchase Enjoy Mixed Media On Cradled Wood Panel Original Painting by Denial graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Ready To hang.

"Recently this piece was not allowed into a show I had wanted it to be in. In Dubai, they have strict rules on obscenity and vulgarity. I had been wanting to paint this piece for a long time and was looking for just the right image to use as a base in it. I finally found it amongst the bowels of the internet. This painting is a visualization of an amazing Bill Hicks joke from his stand-up routine. In his stand up Bill goes into great detail about the evils of advertising when left unchallenged and unchecked. He imagines and describes an ad in the not-so-distant future that one day may exist. This painting is of that ad. Bill Hicks was a fucking genius and I only hope I did his work the justice it deserves. He was so inspirational in forming my current mindset, a true artist and rebel. I take inspiration from different artists in different ways. I like to visualize things like songs or speech or comedy and play with the different elements I come up with. I have a very playful mind." - Denial

Color Red
Color Tan
Frame Custom Frame
Media Mixed Media
Medium Cradled Wood Panel
Original Art Original Painting
Topic Sex
Topic Coca Cola
Topic Money
Topic Woman
Topic Soda
Year 2014
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