Polikarpov-Gill> Mixed Media Drawing by Derek Hess

Artwork: Derek Hess
Size: 14.00in x 11.50in

Price: $1,500.00

Purchase Polikarpov-Gill Mixed Media Drawing on Fine Art Paper by Derek Hess graffiti street artist modern original art.

This piece includes a 1/2 Inch Black Metal Frame float mounted with 2 Inch matte, UV-Glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware.

My first batch was done in 2010/2011 and showed during the World's Largest Crappie Festival in Water Valley Mississippi, that was awesome. All are were made using pen, ink, and acrylic. My father was a B-26 pilot and my dad helped instill the interest in the subject. Two of the pieces feature a rock bass morphed with a B-26.

These are completely different from what I normally do, whatever 'normal' means. Anyway, these were just a lot of fun to do. Whereas some of the intense pieces that I do I feel I have to do, as to purge it from my system, which works half the time (I tend to carry that stuff with me). I wanted to do these for fun and are a great distraction." - Derek Hess

Color Red
Color Gray
Frame Custom Frame
Media Mixed Media Drawing
Medium Fine Art Paper
Original Art Original Drawing
Topic Fish
Topic Military
Topic Plane
Year 2014