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Orange Umber #2> Original Painting by Dvate

Artist: Dvate
Categories: Paintings , Artwork
Dimensions: 11.75in x 8.25in
Topics: Graffiti , Tag

Price: $625.00

Purchase Orange Umber #2 Original Painting MTN Acrylic Spray on Watercolour Art Paper by Dvate graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"The print is based of an original artwork that was produced a few years back for a group show at our old gallery PerSquareMetre. I was exploring degradation and layering and also painting on found objects. The original piece belongs to my wife and she wont give it up!The original piece was created using a combination of acrylic paint and spray enamel. The artwork is painted on an old print that belonged to my Mother. I really liked the texture and weathering of the timber on the back so that’s the side I chose to paint. The cheesy 50’s print is still on the other side.At the time I was working with a lot of found objects and customizing my letter style to suit them. I have always used layering in my work to create depth and reference to the gritty street walls that were my original canvas."- Dvate

Color Orange
Frame Gallery Wrapped
Media Acrylic
Media MTN Acrylic Spray
Media Spray Paint
Medium Watercolour Art Paper
Original Art Original Painting
Year 2015
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