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Special Offer> Original Painting by Ben Frost

Artist: Ben Frost
Dimensions: 24.00in x 32.00in

Price: $10,000.00

Purchase Special Offer Company of Thieves Original Painting Spray Paint, Acrylic and Mixed Media On Wood Panel by Ben Frost graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Denial and Frost formed an instant friendship since their meeting in Canada in 2011 and have been creating engaging street and gallery work ever since. "Company of Thieves" sees their collaboration push further, with large and small-scale works that reference Pop Art, Graffiti, and the corporate world they rebel against.

Ben Frost is utilizing imagery familiar to western culture in order to make a statement about the culture itself on the basis of consumerism, modern icons, big corporations, etc. Animation characters, pop icons, brand logos, and many more are transformed into vibrant artworks and find their place in galleries. With this in mind, and in the case of Ben Frost, it is futile to try to identify a clear borderline between low and high art. In reality, the artist wants the audience to think on the terms of high or low value and, by extension, what these actually mean. Over the years street artists have managed to establish themselves as respected creators and some of them have even gained international fame, transforming graffiti from a fringe art, aiming sometimes to mark street gangs’ territory, into big business.

Color Black
Color Red
Frame Craddled Wood
Media Acrylic
Media Spray Paint
Medium Wood
Original Art Original Painting
Year 2013
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