Titanium, Grease & Leather> Original Painting by Ron Zakrin

Artist: Ron Zakrin
Categories: Paintings , Artwork
Dimensions: 23.00in x 33.00in
Topics: Smoking , Cigarette , Man , Greaser

Price: $1,900.00

Purchase Titanium, Grease & Leather Original Painting Acrylic & Canvas in Custom Frame by Ron Zakrin graffiti street artist modern pop art.

 Ron Zakrin has been an ever-present creative force in Detroit since the mid-nineties when he emerged on to the underground electronic music set with paintings that provided a visual counterpart to the Detroit sound that was taking the world by storm. Since those early days Ron's work has expanded in scope and scale; no longer strictly focused on man and his relationship with technology, Zakrin probes the veins of society and explores the nature of man, love, and loss. Zakrin lives in Detroit Michigan, where he was born and works daily.

Color Black
Color Tan
Color Red
Frame Custom Frame
Media Acrylic
Medium Canvas
Original Art Original Painting
Year 2015
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