Turk Street AP 01> Original Painting by Apexer

Artist: Apexer
Categories: Paintings , Artwork
Dimensions: 22.00in x 30.00in

Price: $1,500.00

Purchase Turk Street AP 01 Original Painting Spray Paint Aerosol on Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper by Apexer graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"When I paint on the street I like to have fun. I'm always trying new ideas out that turn into more ideas. In this painting, I wanted to have two drastically different fill-in styles. So the top half is a classic fill of mine and in the bottom half, I play with the idea of different color chrome effects. It was a fun piece to paint in the heart of San Francisco. This piece is all part of my artistic vocabulary. This particular one says apex and I was painting in the super burner style, but I was really trying to push the ideas of color and style." - Apexer

Color Red
Color Blue
Color Rainbow
Frame Not Framed
Location MSTRW
Location COA- BOX T8
Media Spray Paint
Medium Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper
Original Art Original Painting
Signed Yes
Year 2015
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