Hoodie> Blotter Paper Artwork Print Art by Luke Chueh

Artist: Luke Chueh
Categories: Blotter Paper , Prints , Artwork
Dimensions: 7.50in x 7.50in
Topics: Acid , LSD , Drug , Bear , Animal , Face , Hoodie , Clothing , Fashion

Price: $500.00

Purchase Hoodie Blotter Paper Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Art on Perforated Blotter Paper by Luke Chueh pop culture LSD artwork.

"Psychedelic substances definitely had a major role in the development of my popular 'bear' character. Back when I was in college, my best friend and I had an experience that inspired us to run around my house declaring we were Care Bears. I was christened 'Luke Bear,' and my friend, 'Jaime Bear.' Nicknames that have stuck till this day. Fast forward to when I moved to Los Angeles. I wanted to create a character that could readily represent me. Even after more than a decade, a bear was the obvious choice." - Luke Chueh

Color Red
Color Green
Color Rainbow
Edition 100
Frame Not Framed
Media Archival Pigment Print
Medium Perforated Blotter Paper
Medium Blotter Paper
Year 2018
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