Me, Myself, & Eyes (Pupilla Pluralis)> Blotter Paper Artwork Print Art by Pat Riot

Artist: Pat Riot
Categories: Blotter Paper , Prints , Artwork
Dimensions: 7.50in x 7.50in
Topics: LSD , Acid , Drugs , Book , Library , Reading

Price: $500.00

Purchase Me, Myself, & Eyes (Pupilla Pluralis) Blotter Paper Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Art on Perforated Blotter Paper by Pat Riot pop culture LSD artwork.

Obscure rumors of the CIA’s clandestine operations using LSD in experiments involving mind-control on unwitting US citizens and US military personnel in their top-secret MK-ULTRA program was something that circulated mostly in darkness, woven throughout nefarious conspiracy theories. Now, those rumors have been confirmed with the release of previously classified information through the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and the many books that have since been published on the findings of that information, which revealed detailed accounts of the dark and torturous applications of LSD by the CIA.

Color Purple
Color Orange
Edition 25
Frame Not Framed
Media Archival Pigment Print
Medium Perforated Blotter Paper
Medium Blotter Paper
Year 2020
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