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Untitled Simulator Interface IV> Blotter Paper Artwork Print Art by J Demsky

Artist: J Demsky
Categories: Blotter Paper , Prints , Artwork
Dimensions: 7.50in x 7.50in

Price: $490.00

Purchase Untitled Simulator Interface IV Blotter Paper Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Art on Perforated Blotter Paper by J Demsky pop culture LSD artwork.

"My first experience with the Lsd was if I remember correctly about 95-96. It was a small dose, probably a quarter of a "Lucas Duck" that were quite soft, the second was the same dose with a “Bicycle" and the experience was also smooth.Until one day the "Simpson double drop" appeared and it was different. We took half to be sure of the trip and we did not notice anything after almost an hour (at that time people also sold them fake) so we decided to take the other half, imagine what happened.We lost control and my friend ran away, I supposed to go his house and I did the same. But I remember it took me a while to open all three doors since the key was bent as if it were a magic trick.The first thing I did was turn on the TV and there was the movie "The Shining", I was only able to see some scenes but I remember the second time I watch it I thought they had deleted some scenes, you can imagine...Until dawn it was very intense. I think this was the last use I did LSD in a very long time.Now I can say that I have never dedicated myself to selling drugs, but I was very good at faking things and spent a while making "replicas" of sheets of some that were very soft (like “Marilyn Monroe’s" or "Strawberries”) I even used my own designs of things that he painted at that time.In these strange days I feel with a smile remembering those experiences and adding a double drop to these new sheets. :)" - J Demsky

Color Blue
Color Red
Color Rainbow
Color White
Edition 50
Frame Not Framed
Media Archival Pigment Print
Medium Perforated Blotter Paper
Medium Blotter Paper
Year 2020
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