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D.V.E.T.F.T.P.V.- Enchantment Green> Limited Silkscreen Print by Jacob Borshard

Artist: Jacob Borshard
Categories: Prints , Artwork
Dimensions: 18.00in x 24.00in

Price: $150.00

Purchase D.V.E.T.F.T.P.V.- Enchantment Green Limited Edition 2-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on Fine Art Paper by Jacob Borshard graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Tons of Sci-Fi references, new separation, 2 colors, full-bleed. Outer Space Density! Darth Vader- Extra Terrestrial From The Planet Vulcan! Space, Astronaut, Alien, Woman, Man, SciFi, Movie, George McFly, Lorraine Baines, Calvin Klein, Darth Vader, Vulcan, Back to the Future

Color White
Color Green
Edition 55
Frame Not Framed
Location 1824-5
Media 3-Color Silkscreen
Medium Fine Art Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2012
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