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Death God Necros- Grim Green Decay> Limited Silkscreen Print by Skinner

Artist: Skinner
Categories: Prints , Artwork
Dimensions: 24.00in x 36.00in

Price: $490.00

Purchase Death God Necros- Grim Green Decay Limited Edition 10-Color Hand-Pulled Silkscreen Print on Fine Art Paper by Skinner graffiti street artist modern pop art.

10 COLOR SCREEN PRINT!! EDITION OF 30 24" x 36" inches of otherworldly fantasy! Who knows what fell deeds this undead warrior hath wrought upon distant lands!! What black-hearted god doth he serve!!! AND WHY??! All questions that will plague your mind as you stare forevermore upon this outrageous ode to old-school fantasy and nostalgia! This is my most ambitious screen print to date! Printed by the now legendary Monolith Press, this print will have your dad jealous! Created out of my love of old school illustrators and movie posters from the seventies, I wanted to make something that could inspire old school stoned out rockers as well as young stoned out rockers in training! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE YA STONED OUT ROCKERS!! Dream heavy the ancient dooms that await your hero in the hell of oblivion!!

Skinner is a self-taught artist living in Oakland, California who has meticulously crafted a balance of extraordinary mural work, bizarre and antagonistic installations while maintaining a prolific commercial career. Influenced by 80’s pop culture, human struggle, myths and violence, dungeons and dragons, and the heavy metal gods, Skinner’s mind is one of psycho social mayhem fueled by calculated chaos. Death God Necros- Grim Green Decay by Skinner- The muscular and massive barbarian monster god stands in all his power with large sword as a netherworld beast wraps his tentacles all around the mighty warrior. Limited edition Giclée art print artwork by famous artist Skinner.

Color Green
Color Orange
Color Gray
Edition 30
Frame Not Framed
Location 2436-1
Media 10-Color Silkscreen
Medium Fine Art Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2014
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