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Diamond FAILEdoodle- Red/Tan> Mixed Media Silkscreen Print by Faile

Artist: Faile
Categories: Prints
Dimensions: 19.00in x 25.00in

Price: $3,000.00

Purchase Diamond FAILEdoodle- Red/Tan 2-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen, Acrylic, Spraypaint, Silkscreen Ink and Glitter Print on Archival Lenox Paper by Faile Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist.

2022 Diamond FAILEdoodle: Red/Tan 19 x 25 Inches Each variant an edition of 25 Acrylic, Spraypaint, Silkscreen Ink and Glitter on Archival Lenox 100 Signed, Stamped and Embossed

A new breed of Faile Dog was born last year. First found on the streets of New York this pup found its way into the studio and really came to life. We've been pushing our shimmering print process lately and this felt like the perfect print to introduce this into our practice. Four different editions, two in red glitter and two in black glitter. All stained, sprayed, painted and printed; it's all the hallmarks of a studio print now with a lot more shine.

Once their artworks enter the public sphere, the viewer is invited to engage and interact with them. FAILE does not believe in a higher meaning or an absolute truth that exists outside of the audience’s perception, which eventually is encouraged to sculpt the meaning. The creative process jumps from one theme to the other, connecting everything in an intertextual delirium and, in the end, the audience takes the responsibility of interpreting it. This is, by itself, a revolutionary act of anti-elitism, since the meaning of the work can be now found in the mass’s reaction, placing FAILE in the spectrum of site-specificity and relational aesthetics.

Color Tan
Color Red
Edition 25
Frame Not Framed
Location INC
Media 2-Color Silkscreen
Media Glitter
Media Spray Paint
Media Acrylic
Media Mixed Media
Medium Archival Lenox Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2022
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