Mala Influencia- Printer's Select 2> Limited Hand Embellished Print by Ciler

Artist: Ciler
Dimensions: 16.00in x 20.00in
Topics: Childern , Dystopia , Man

Price: $500.00

Purchase Mala Influencia- Printer's Select 2 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished 2-Color Screen Print on 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper by Ciler graffiti street artist modern pop art.

"This piece is basically trying to talk about the bad influence families can generate on us. Most of my work is developed in that way, a social-critique-like way, a joke about the life we live nowadays.I found the photograph in a LIFE magazine from the '70s, and I did an intervention over it with black ink and acrylic paint. For the serigraphy version, the image was scanned and retouched in order to make the print. In Mexico, the majority of crooks and cartel members are brought up by the predeceasing generations. I thought it was important to touch that subject in my show, and not just talk about the folkloric side of my country, because we live deadly chaos so vivid, we can easily catch a deceased body waking up in your corner." - Ciler

Color Yellow
Color Black
Color Red
Edition 2
Frame Not Framed
Location 1620-2
Media 2-Color Silkscreen
Media Hand Embellishment
Medium 290gsm Coventry Rag Paper
Signed Yes
Year 2015
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