Middle-Class American Finger> Hand-Embellished HPM Print by Denial

Artist: Denial
Dimensions: 13.00in x 19.00in

Price: $1,250.00

Purchase Middle-Class American Finger Limited Edition Hand-Embellished HPM Archival Pigment Prints Hand-Painted Multiple on Recycled Cardstock by Denial graffiti street artist modern pop art.

Middle-Class American Finger (Hand Painted Multiple), 2018 Hand-painted multiple on Recycled Cardstock 19 x 13 inches (48.3 x 33 cm) (sheet) Ed. 9/10 Signed and numbered in pencil to reverse

Denial has evolved as one the most prominent figures of contemporary pop artists, who nonetheless, continue to stay relevant and is interested in generating thought-provoking commentary. He has a long history of exploring the boundaries of appropriation, which he uses as a means of subverting the value of cultural products, imprinted in the collective memory of the Western civilization. His work, in other words, is inviting the viewer to re-imagine our dystopian society as a way of confronting it, with humor and irony as the biggest tools of the artist.

Color White
Color Blue
Color Red
Edition 10
Frame Not Framed
Location 1620-5 COA Box-B5
Media Archival Pigment Print
Media Hand Embellishment
Medium Recycled Cardstock
Signed Yes
Year 2018
Boker Biker on 12-13-2021 02:14 AM
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Denial Print American Expression Extremely Rare Print Size 24x18
Denial Print American Expression Extremely Rare Print Size 24x18
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